Welcome to my  web/blog site.  I am a full-time author of historical fiction, short stories, and poems.

My previous novels include The Ancient Bloodlines Trilogy: Book 1The Power in the Dark, Book 2: Shadow of the Swords; Book 3: Keeper of the Grail. For more information on this trilogy click on the relevant page. I have published a collection of poems called Ebb Tide and two collections of short stories called One For Sorrow, Two For Joy, and Wolf Howl. To read about these publications click on the relevant pages.


In the Ashes of a Dream You can purchase this title as a book or an E-Book fromh the following sites:

  1. http://www.amazon.com
  2. http://www.amazon.ca
  3. http://www.amazon.co.uk
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2 Responses to Welcome

  1. Deborah Lowry says:

    Dear Barry,
    Robert Cooke just sent me the article you wrote about his lovely dog Bandit.The Dog that gives back.I am Deborah Lowry.I actually work with The Nana Foundation which is a story in itself.The Foundation is the Inspired work of Tryntje Horn.My longtime friend.At 80 she is an inspiration in her tireless devotion to all animals.Her work with First Nations and their pets is legendary.Without her tireless effort Bandit and his siblings would have been left in desperate conditions or worse.We are thrilled that Robert and his truly delightful family found a place in their hearts and home for Bandit.As with many rescue dogs they find a way to give back.When I arrived with the pups the Cooke family had only recently lost their loyal friend Flash and although they were still sad at the loss they thought they would meet the gang we had recently brought in.I think Robert knew from the start Bandit was for them .It took a little while to work through their feelings for Flash but decided to give it a go with this fun loving furry boy.Since he stole their hearts they call him Bandit.I am happy to say all of Bandits siblings have fabulous homes.Thanks to people like Robert and family who are open to adopting a rescue puppy.Thank you for bringing attention to what this amazing group of people do in their Search and Rescue capacity.I am sure many of us would never know of their existence until we needed them.What a fantastic selfless bunch.
    Thank you again
    All good wishes
    I have 5 lovely puppies if you or anyone you trust is thinking of adopting….

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