This is my fourth novel, which was published at the end of June 2013.

The story is set in Wales in pre-Norman times. This unusual and gripping novel deals with a time period that few writers have explored. In 1039 the Welsh defeated a huge Saxon army at the Battle of Rhyd-y-Groes. The Celtic forces were led by the charismatic Gruffyd ap Llewelyn, King of Powys and Gwynedd. The story follows the battles and personal triumphs of his gradual rise to become the first and only King of All Wales in 1057, and embraces the lives of his two greatest supporters, Gwriad and Dafydd, the sons of the famous General Cydweli.

The novel accurately portrays the poverty and aspirations of the Welsh people, the stark beauty of their landscape, and brings historical relevance to the rise and fall of Wales’ greatest King. Amid the plotting of the Welsh nobles and the bloody battles with Saxons, Gwriad and Dafydd remain loyal to their King. They marry unusual women, rise to great importance, but are unprepared for the sudden and awful reversal of their dreams.


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Welcome to my  web/blog site.  I am a full-time author of historical fiction, short stories, and poems.

My previous novels include The Ancient Bloodlines Trilogy: Book 1The Power in the Dark, Book 2: Shadow of the Swords; Book 3: Keeper of the Grail. For more information on this trilogy click on the relevant page. I have published a collection of poems called Ebb Tide and two collections of short stories called One For Sorrow, Two For Joy, and Wolf Howl. To read about these publications click on the relevant pages.


The sequel to Celtic Dreams of Glory entitled In the Ashes of a Dream is almost finished and the publication date will be posted on this site when it is available.

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